About menuMi

Store owners are suffering from hiring and training their casual staff all the time. They are also incurring increased costs related to POS and Merchant facilities. Store owners are struggling to change menu boards whenever they add new items. Consumers don’t have to wait their turn for ordering and making payment. Just select item to order and payment methods. Save time!! menuMi is creating an innovative, merchant and customer-facing tech that makes it easy for customers to buy, and with various simple payment technologies and multilingual languages.

“Accept menuMi and will save $100K of Cost”

Digital Menu Boards

QR Based Digital Menu Platform

Smart payment

Fast, Smart and Various Payments

Simple Management

Simple Order Management System


Multilingual Language Support


  • QR Based Smart Customer Ordering Platform
  • Fast, Smart and Various Payments
  • Simple Order Management System
  • Multilingual Language Support

QR Based Smart Order System

  • No need to download the app
  • Take a QR and order immediately
  • Set Table Numbers inside QR
  • No Waiting in Line

Convenient payment with FinTech

  • Support Simple Payment like Apple pay
  • Support Loyalty Points or Crypto Payment
  • Multi-Currency Support for travelers
  • Pay cash at Counter or smart payment at mobile

Convenient Order Management System

  • Order notification at the same time as payment
  • Apply Today's menu, Sold Out items
  • Support Full order status and various statistics
  • Multilingual Support

Benefits of menuMi

Ultimately menuMi can

  • reduce hiring cost and training issues
  • add more profits thanks to fast order, various payment methods, multilingual support and SNS marketing
  • remove the cost of making menu board
  • attract new customers like Millennium generation and travellers
  • modify today’s menus easily
  • customize on merchant’s request
  • make merchants focus on their products

Cost Comparison

Labor costs for hiring a person per (1 Year)

Average business hours 8 hours
Minimum wage $18
Monthly business days including weekends 24 days
8 hours x $18 x 24 days = $3,456 Monthly One Person hiring fee = $3,456
1 Year x $3,456 = $41,472 1 Year = $41,472

menuMi operating cost

(e.g. when merchants pay $50 membership)
menuMi monthly fee $50/M
Initial installation cost (one time only) $100
1 Year fee. = 12 x $50 $600
Initial installation cost + 1 Year fee = $100 + $600 $700

QR Scan

Customers scan QR via their mobile phone’s camera

Select Menu

Customers place orders easily via their mobile phone. No need to download an application


Various payment methods supported. Order information automatically sent to counter

Collect or Wait

Customers are notified when to pick up their order or will deliver to their tables

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